The sky is full of romantic.

So I got the best present ever from Jess today.

Opened the card first and, eeeeee, adorable art of the Doctor and Fitz being disco-ridiculous in the 70s. Best drawing. Also a super sweet and far too kind note in the card.

The stuff was in little packages, so I started opening them. “Playing cards? Oh no, wait, it’s SAILOR MOON CARDS? AND CANDY? EEEEEEE! What’s this stuff? … Aww, it’s stuff for the Doctor’s pockets! OH MY GOD, A YO YO? WITH A BUTTERFLY? AKLSDJFALKSDFJ BUTTERFLY.”

Yes, I speak in keyboardsmash.

So then I opened the last one. It was in a butterfly like CD case thing. I was intrigued. A cute pink butterfly handkerchief? Wait, what’s this in it?

Folded paper?

It’s… it’s the note… it’s the alsdkfjalksdfj the note.

Jess is the best. <3 <3 Thank you so much bbdoll.

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